About Us

Top Med Pharmacy is a Wholesale Chemical Company, specialized in the trade of steroid and anabolic products, for fitness and bodybuilding.

We founded our first units in 2003, in Usa ; Today we are presented by our delivery warehouses in 4 countries: France, Ukraine, Colombia ( partner ), with our general management based in New York in the Usa.
Our Chemical Supply team is composed of the Marketing Division, Quality Experts, Accounting, and the order management team.

Our success methodology is to offer our new customers the simplest and most secure payment methods such as: XOOM(a Pay-pal payment service ) : Xoom.com, WORLDREMIT. WIRE BANK TRANSFERS, BITCOIN  ” BTC ” ,…

NB: We do not sell fake or counterfeit products ;
All the products we sell are original and controlled by our experts, obtained from legatee companies and laboratory.

Our warehouse and partners locations :
Country : Usa
Adress:  200 E 70th S t New York, NY 10021

Function: General Management

Country : France
Adress: 10 st. Roger Renzo, Marseille, Provence – Alps – French Riviera.
Function: Warehouse

Country : Ukraine
Adress: 23 blvd. Lesia Ukrainka, Kiev, Kiev city
Function: Warehouse