Payments & Shipping

Concerning the payment methods, we use the different payment methods wich were designed and ajusted to be secured and private for both sides, and have been proved as such over long period of time. To ease secure payment processes,we personally contact the client with payment instruction within 12 hours after the order has been placed ! if you do not receive the message with  your  Order Detail ! from our sales representative in first 12 hours, please check your SPAM MAIL or contact us here :

Choose or precise your payment method to get the payment informations  between MONEYGRAM, RIA, WESTERN UNION , PAYPAL ( notify us in advance before making any payment by PAYPAL )XOOM(a Pay-pal payment service ) :, WORLDREMIT. WIRE BANK TRANSFERS, BITCOIN  ” BTC “ , TRANSFERWISE,…

The parcel(order) is shipped 12 to 24 hours after acceptance and confirmation of your payment.

The delivery time will be specified to the customer in the order confirmation email.
It varies from tree(03) to five(06) days maximum, depending on the origin of the package (warehouse origin of delivery).

The shipping origin of package :
The shipping origin of the package is automatically generated by the system.
Your order will be redirected to one of our different warehouses(USA ,FRANCE ,COLOMBIA or UKRAINE), in principle from the warehouse closest to you .

The shipping origin of your package also depends on parameters such as: availability in stock of different products requested at the moment you pay your order , distance, reliability of the transit …).

we send out packages always with 1st class and Priority service to deliver order to you in shortest possible time.

COURIER SERVICES ( delivery companies).
We offer option of courier service delivery like EMS, DHL, FEDEX, UPS and TNT.

We ship very discretely and safe .
After every shipping made , we send by mail( order confirmation email ) the differents informations for delivery, included the tracking number to follow the parcel during the trip.

NB: The customer is free to request a refund six (07) days passed the delivery time ; for that case ,the defect of delivery must in no case be due to an error of the customer (bad address, various confusions …).
In this case, after analysis and validation of the refund request, the customer is refunded( On the totality of its expenses: price order various expenses) within ten( 10) working days.

The customer is also free to request a refund if he is not satisfied with the quality of the products he will receive from our company. In the latter case the company will investigate a search in order to verify all the data recorded for your order, and thus go back to the origin of the product’s provenance.

If the quality of the product is ever questioned, the customer will be successful and will be compensated at a value agreed by management

– we use advanced packing systems to guarantee delivery to your door while keeping content of package unbroken

– products are packed with extreme care and caution, specifically to minimize shipment volume. Name of our organization or anything else that would imply pharmaceutical contents within the package is never used on our shipments.
. If the order is too large to fit into one of these packages, the order will automatically be splitted into two or more packages.

We guarantee 100% delivery, 100% satisfaction or full refund ( also possible compensation)