AICAR (biopeptides)1,8mg *Lifetech Labs


Manufacturer: Lifetech Labs
Basic substance : The AICAR molecule
Package :  50mg/vial x 10 vials box
Category : PEPTIDES

AICAR peptide is ideal for burning body fat, while increasing stamina and Cardio performance.

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AICAR (biopeptides)1,8mg *Lifetech Labs

AICAR from Lifetech Labs is a peptide that will increase energy conversion, fat burning and resistance to sustained activity in endurance sports. This is the last alternative to the popular EPO. Acadesine, also known as AICA-riboside, and AICAR, is an activator of protein kinase activated by AMP.

It stimulates the absorption of glucose and increases the activity of protein p38 kinases activated by the mitogens α and β in skeletal muscle tissue, as well as the suppression of apoptosis by reducing the production of reactive oxygen compounds inside the cell.
This result drew attention to the compound as an aid in athletic endurance.

Biopeptide product range is elaborated according to approved laboratories standards processes and the most refined technology in order to obtain the highest quality and purity peptide. HPLC and MS testing are part of the many control measures to ensure optimum quality. From ingredients synthesis to packaging, products guaranteed in the most stable conditions.

Dosage :

– The Dosage recommended by the brand is a dosage for users starting to use the products.
Dosage recommended by the brand = normal dosage (25mg / day).

– The initiated dosage is a dosage for users who have steroid, peptide or growth hormone cures in their assets.
Double dose = initiated dosage (50mg / day).

– The Pro Elite dosage is a dosage for competitors and professionals.
Triple dose = pro elite dosage (75mg / day).

Advice: distribute the injections throughout the day.


Side effects :

Some articles refer to AMPK activators as “exercise-in-a-pill” in the hope that using an AMPK activator will cause the same changes in the body as exercise. However, the truth is much more complex.

Too much activation of AMPK, or activating it in the wrong tissue, can cause serious side effects, including neurodegeneration, or preventing cells from dividing. The accumulation of naturally-occurring AICAR in the body is also associated with metabolic disorders in humans.

However, AICAR has not been extensively studied in people. For this reason and many others, AICAR is an experimental compound that is not yet approved for therapeutic use in humans and should not be used by any athletes.



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