Anandrol-50 Oxymetholone 50 mg


Manufacturer: MEDITECH
Basic substance : Oxymetholone
Package : 50mg/tab x 100tabs box
Category : Oral Steroids

Anandrol is an oral anabolic steroid developed to fight against anemia and the treatment of muscle mass loss.

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Anandrol-50 Oxymetholone 50 mg

Anandrol-50 steroid was discovered 1959 in the USA, and came into the market in 1961 for medical use. Initially, this steroid was clinically used for Anemia and Osteoporosis. After a while, however, doctors discovered that Oxymetholone was too strong and caused too many side effects on the patients. Therefore, the school of medicine ceased prescribing the drug.

Over the years non-muscle building related usage of Anadrol has dropped significantly due to medical research and studies that have produced non-steroidal versions of medications capable of mimicking its effects. Due to these medications and the side effects found in Anadrol Syntex, the makers of this product, removed it from the market in the United States and several other countries. It was believed by many athletes that Anadrol 50 would eventually disappear from store shelves altogether. However, recent insights into methods of fighting the HIV/AIDS virus have provided renewed interested in this medication. Due to the anabolic effects of this medication the wasting nature of HIV/AIDS can be fought using Anadrol to bolster protein synthesis and heighten muscular growth to an incredible degree. The same factor that makes professional body builders desire the use of this product can be used as a means of saving lives and improving the quality of life for AIDS sufferers.

Due to these factors Anadrol 50 began appearing on store shelves again in United States pharmacies in 1998. The primary clinical uses of this drug are the same as they have always been, with AIDS wasting syndrome now included. These uses include combating osteoporosis, anemia, and stimulating the growth of muscle for those who are malnourished or underdeveloped. With varying degrees of success it has been used for treating antithrombin III deficiency, repairing damaged myocardium, and improving pediatric growth. Overall this medication is used to generate increased volumes of muscle tissue and strength the body.


Anandrol (Oxymetholone) has the ability to retain water, therefore powerlifters, weightlifters and bodybuilders with joint and tendon problems tend to gravitate towards this product as it literally fills up your joints with water, thus resulting in a pain-free training session. Due to the high androgenic compound in Oxymetholone, which helps regenerate the physical condition, athletes are often heard reporting that after a two-hour training session, they have the ability to go down for another session after a short recuperation.


Dosage : 

It has been seen on some websites and online forums people using high dosage of Oxymetholone, which can be injurious to health. So how much should a person take when you are in your off-season, bulking season or in your diet?

– Heavy bodybuilders: no more than 50 to 100mg.
– Amateur bodybuilders: 150-200mg per day.
– Beginners: 50-100mg per day.


Side effects : 

Athletes experience high blood pressure, headaches, stomach pain, ill-being, feverish. Oxymetholone is also highly related to liver cancer.


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