GHRP-6(biopeptides)1,8mg *Lifetech Labs


Manufacturer: Lifetech Labs
Basic substance : Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide -6
Package :  1,8mg/vial x 10 vials box
Category : PEPTIDES

GHRP-6(peptides) is one of the many synthetic analogs of met-enkephalin comprising non-natural amino acids D, developed for their activity of releasing growth hormone.

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GHRP-6(biopeptides)1,8mg *Lifetech Labs

GHRP-6 is an injectable peptide from the class of growth hormone releasing peptides, or GHRP. These peptides are commonly used to increase the production of growth hormone (GH). This category includes other peptides such as GHRP-2, hexarelin and ipamorelin. When it comes to increasing GH, all of these peptides work simultaneously, and there is no need or advantage to combine them. Instead, it is best to choose the one that is most suitable for each particular case.

A peptide is a molecule created by joining two or more amino acids together. They are present in all living cells and have a variety of biochemical activities. In general, if the number of amino acids is less than fifty, these molecules are called peptides, while the large sequences are called proteins. Thus, peptides can be thought of as tiny proteins that are simply chains of amino acids.

The main use of GHRP-6 is to provide elevated levels of GH, which results in elevated levels of IGF-1. This contributes to fat loss and in some cases muscle gain. Generally, the use of GHRP is chosen as an alternative to the use of GH, and use is rarely done in combination with GH.

The use of GHRP-6 is preferable to that of other GHRP because of its effect on increasing appetite (which can also be a disadvantage), and its proven effectiveness in reducing inflammation, healing wounds, especially tendonitis.


Dosage :

The Dosage recommended by the brand( Lifetech-Labs) is a dosage for users starting to use the products.
– Dosage recommended by the brand = normal dosage (600mcg / day).
The Confirmed Dosage is a dosage for users who have steroid, peptide or growth hormone cures in their assets.
Confirmed dosage (900mcg  per day).


Side effects :

– Increased collagen production
– Better repair of internal organs
– Increased healing capacity
– Increased energy
– Improved sleep
– Increase in lean body mass
– Reduced body fat


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