Kigtropin 100iu( Somatropin ) *10vials/Kit


Manufacturer: Kigtropin .
Basic substance : Somatropin.
Package : 10vials/Kit
Category : HGH

Kigtropin 100iu( Somatropin ) *10vials/Kit is Somatropin is a form of human growth hormone , important for the growth of bones and muscles.

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Kigtropin was firstly developed by a group of resigned technician from Gensci company in China, but it has the same effect as Jintropin.

Kigtropin is a kind of sterile, lyophilized formulation of Recombinant Human Growth Hormone (HGH) with 191 amino acids, derived from engineering E.coli, and it is identical to the natural growth hormone in amino acid sequence and three-dimension structure.

The human growth hormone (or Kigtropin HGH) has been shown to be the main controlling hormone of many functions and benefits associated with youth, such as smooth skin, vitality, energy, resilience, and strong, toned muscles. It occurs naturally in the pituitary gland and is also available as a synthetic supplement – somatropin.

n adults with growth hormone deficiency, Kigtropin 100iu reduces fat mass, increases muscle mass and improves energy, vitality and subjective well-being. In patients suffering from severe burns, AIDS associated muscle wasting or undergoing major operations Kigtropin promotes wound healing attenuates, increases protein-catabolic response and improves whole-body nitrogen condition after operation.


dosage :

Hgh Kigtropin does not elicit results immediately. It might take 1.5 to 3 months before you can see results.

Suggested dosage
the standard dosing pattern at the beginning of the HGH program is as follows.
– 4IU per day (2IU in the morning and 2IU in late afternoon) for bodybuilding purposes
– 2IU per day for anti aging purposes
– 8IU per day to treat severe burns, cuts, bone damage (shor period of time)
– doctor and blood tests determine the dose for any other purpose

How to mix?
Always release the water slowly and down the side of the glass, whenever adding water to the powder. This ensures that the compound remains intact. Growth Hormone by nature is quite fragile. Once the water is in, gently swirl the solution. DO NOT SHAKE. Continue to swirl slowly until all is dissolved. Kigtropin Somatropin 10IU (10 Vials x 10IU)

Where to inject
The inner thigh is the most readily absorbed area. This should be done, carefully pinching a small fold and injecting in the middle.The abdomen is not recommend as the fat tends to slow the absorption process. Growth Hormone can be injected anywhere however.

When to take
It is best to take half in the morning once you wake up and the other half between post workout and sleep.
The second best would be to take it all in the morning.
Never take Growth Hormone close to bedtime as this will eventually downgrade the natural productions. Kigtropin Somatropin 10IU (10 Vials x 10IU)


Side effects:

Side effects include water retention in the extremeties, Carpal Tunel Syndrome like symptoms. These sides will normally cease several weeks after the administration of gh is ended. Possible permanent effects are Type II Diabetes, acgromegely of the bones in the hands feet and face (as would occur in gigantisism, a disease caused by hyper-pituitary excess production of gh). GH may cause insulin desensitivity. Glucophage may be taken to increase the insulin sensitivity in the user, countering the negative effect of the gh.

Some say it decreases Thyroid output also, but the distinct fat burning effect of gh questions the relevance of this claim. Gh is best used with insulin and
Anabolic Steroids (AS). This will cause a synergistic effect of all the drugs used, a very powerful bulking cycle (possibly with less fat retention from high caloric intake, than would be possible without gh) for the advanced user. If no insulin use is desired, gh can be used with AS, and with added glucophage if desired. This will cause little if any bulk gains past what would be realized with just the AS alone, but with a more quality, cut, look


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